Specialists in the following aircraft:

PISTON:  Robinson R22/R44 Enstrom and Schweizer   TURBINE:  206 Jet Ranger / MD 500 series and GAZELLE

Routine Helicopter servicing and out of sequence repairs. Annuals / ARC renewals magneto inspections. Battery capacity checks. Compass swings.

Main and tail rotor balancing. Helicopter parts and accessories sales and fittings. Aircraft positioning . Helicopter Storage.

Aviation Stock For Sale

  • Aviation

    Hughes 500E

    1984/4000 hours, lots of extras including C20R engine. Privately used, no training or hiring, one pilot and kept in CHE (controlled humidity environment). Rigorous Maintenance. All SBs and ADs complied with.

    Gun metal grey exterior with light grey trim.

  • Aviation

    Gazelle SA-341

    Nov 1979, Serial Number 052.
    4140 hours

  • Aviation

    Hughes 500C

    1971/7000 hours Ex Danish Airforce civilian registered with no restrictions packed with extras and high spec.

    All ADs and SBs complied with.

  • Aviation

    Augusta Westland 109A

    Westland 109A 11/TT, 1983
    3032 Hours
    Serial Number - 7298
    Reg - N-109WF

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    Eurocopter EC 120B Colibri

    EC 120B Colibri 1999
    Serial Number - 1047, Engine - Turbomeca
    Arrius 2F . 1,497.34 hours

    History - When approaching a mountain landing site the wind blew the aircraft on its side causing a sudden stoppage and tail separation. Aircraft came to rest in snow.

  • Aviation

    Jet Ranger 1974

    1974 Jet Ranger / 7075 Hours in blue and white with light grey leather seats.

    Good component times. High skid gear fitted.

    Recently upgraded Range extender radio, transponder. ADF fitted.

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    Jet Ranger 1981

    1981 - AB206 B111 Jet Ranger / 4600 Hours.

    Blue and white with blue cloth interior.

    Fitted with factory fit sliding rear door, litter kit, quick fit windows, high skids, dual controls and heater.

    Avionics include radio, transporter, VOR, Horizon, VSI Garmin moving map.

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    Jet Ranger 1975

    1975 - JAB206 JET RANGER B / 5700 Hours.

    Wire strike kit, high skid, range extender, GPS
    Exterior green with light grey interior.

    No training or hire use, only single private pilot.

    The aircraft is always hangered.

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    Hughes 500C

    1970 Hughes 500C Ex Danish Air Force packed with extras. Exceptional aircraft.

    Fitted with Meeker right side dual utility mount, wire strike kit, search light, high skid, cargo hook, T dash, Garmin moving map and much more.