The Faldingworth range is the most advanced of its type in the world. It is fully equipped with the latest instrumentation including; vibration testing, fire testing and in-depth analysis of explosive devices with in a controlled environment. The 250 metre firing range, consisting of a steel and concrete construction which also offers a number of various sized preparation rooms. With additional outdoor testing areas and Indoor testing laboratories, standing within a high security 1000 acre site. Licensed explosive storage capability and ample space for open range testing, operated by skilled and experienced staff who can advise and assist with individual customer requirements. Meeting/office rooms can be available on request.

Testing @ Faldingworth

Ballistic Testing & Firing Range

The range has a unique 210m indoor testing range and is licensed to test ballistics from 10mm up to 40mm. The firing range is fully equipped with the latest instrumentation for firearms testing, noise and image data recording within a controlled well ventilated environment.

Vibration Testing Facilities

We offer vibration testing facilities in Lincolnshire at our Faldingworth Range base. Our premises are regularly used by a range of clients to test products under the stress of vibration.

Pyrotechnics Development

We research, develop and manufacture pyrotechnics on site, which includes devices specifically designed for the use by the MOD and Police for training and operational purposes. We also specialise in leisure pyrotechnics for the Airsoft and Paintball sector.

Film Production & Special Effects

TV and Film crews frequently use our facilities to film their specialist projects. Being licensed for section 5 firearms and controlled explosions, this enables filming for ballistics and explosive scenes for documentaries such as WW1 and WW2 balllistic re-enactments to controlled explosions for action films.

Storage @ Bunka It

Bunker Storage

The bomb proof bunkers range in size from 36' square foot to 510' square foot and can be easily adapted internally to suit your storage requirements. With the addional option of 24/7 internal live CCTV monitoring. Weather proof, temperature controlled and easy ground level access.

Container Storage

Each container is completely weather proof so it’s ideal for everything from documents to props or excess stock. The standard size is 20ft in length, 6ft 6 inches wide and 8ft high, which as a guide would hold the contents of your average three bedroom house.

Deposit Boxes, Cases & Safes

For specialist storage we have a number of options of high-security individual client safes, storage boxes, flight cases and Peli Hardigg cases. The Peli Hardigg cases range in size from 23kg upwards but smaller alternatives can be sourced if required. Optional customised foam inserts which offers the ultimate protection.

High Security Storage Facility

On entering the site we have retained the electronically operated dual entry gates, double fenced perimeters and manned 24/7 surveillance via CCTV. Additional security has been added in the form of infrared and vibration detectors and overt cameras to mention just a few of our new defences.


Helicopter Parts & Accessories

Helicopter parts and accessory sales, external refurbishing of EU and USA helicopters:

  • Electronic aircraft positioning
  • Interior cabin trims and accessories
  • Short or long term storage services

Helicopter Maintenance

Routine Servicing and out of sequence repairs on EU and USA Helicopters.

  • Annual servicing
  • Sequence repairs
  • ARC renewals
  • Magneto inspections
  • Battery capacity checks
  • Compass swings
  • Main and tail rotor balancing

Helicopter Sales

Sales of EU and USA Helicopters. JAR 145 Approved Specialists in the following aircraft:

  • PISTON: Robinson R22/R44 Enstrom and Schweizer
  • TURBINE: 206 Jet Ranger / MD 500 series and Gazell

Drone Photography

We can provide aerial photography or video footage via helicopter or remote controlled drone ideal for:

  • Live broadcast
  • Commercial
  • Film
  • Video editing
  • Corporate video
  • Testing
  • Surveillance