From our high security, state-of-the-art base at Faldingworth Range in Lincolnshire, we offer a range of testing services and solutions for businesses. These include:

  • Bombproof research and development suites
  • Explosive testing, storage and disposal
  • Environment testing facilities
  • External testing
  • Controlled testing
  • Stress testing – 6 series packaging tests
  • Burn testing
  • 250m indoor ballistic test range (to 40mm canon)
  • Drop testing with our high quality drop test facilities
  • Test rig deployment
  • Weapon testing and storage
  • Ballistic testing and ammunition testing
  • Film Production
  • Firearms testing facilities at our shooting range/firing range
  • Ammunition design and development
  • Package testing

We can also facilitate production teams for special projects where section 5 firearms or explosion scenes are needed, or just the use of our 1000 acre site is required. Please contact us with any requirements you may have info@skydock.co.uk or call us on 01673 863525.

Alongside our testing options, we also offer weapon and ammunition destruction services. This includes weapon disposal, ammunition disposal, and the destruction of ammunition and firearms.

  • Indoor Range

    The Faldingworth range is 250m indoor Ballistic test range (to 40mm canon) It is totally equipped with the latest instrumentation for testing and analysis of explosive or explosive related devices and their effects under controlled, all weather conditions.

  • Outdoor Range

    Faldingworth's outdoor range is set within our 1000 acre secure site with large licensed explosive storage capability and ample space for open range testing. It is operated by skilled and experienced staff who can advise and assist with individual customer requirements.

  • Film Production

    Film and TV production teams regularly use Skydock's facilities to shoot their specialist projects needing section 5 fire arms or filming explosion scenes and also the use of our 1000 acre site at Faldingworth Airbase in Lincolnshire.

  • ammunition destruction

    Skydock offers ammunition disposal, explosives disposal and destructs unserviceable and unwanted firearms. Destroying the redundant ammunition ensures that only safe ammunition is put into storage, while destroying small arms and other weapons promotes confidence in the general security of the country.

  • Military Machinery

    Skydock is a comprehensive, top level resource, military, security and defence related projects. Clients trust Skydock, with its track record of dependable research, manufacture, testing and analysis.

  • Dummy Testing

    Highly-skilled, experienced teams of specialists develop solutions for UK and international organisations, for a safer, more secure world.

  • 37mm Rounds Production

    Pyrotechnic devices testing specialists.

  • Drop Testing

    At Skydock our clients experience a positive and flexible approach. The wide range of drop test facilities and capabilities, from outdoor and indoor testing facilities all linked to powerful computer servers, capable of analysing test data generated in purpose-built research facilities provides the ideal Professional resource.

Skydock Testing Facilities include:


Computerised ballistic measuring system

Closed circuit TV viewing and control

High speed cine cameras

Lux meter light measurement

Electronic recoil and rate of fire measurement

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