Bunker Storage

Our high security Faldingworth Range location in Lincolnshire makes us the perfect option for securing valuable belongings. Our bunker storage facilities make it simple to keep your valuables safe and secure. We can also offer secure ammunition storage and weapon storage at our site.

Our bomb proof bunkers range in size from 36' square foot to 510' square foot and can be easily adapted internally to suit your storage requirements. Bunker storage at Skydock also comes with the additional option of 24/7 internal live CCTV monitoring, leaving you with peace of mind that your valuables are safe and protected around the clock.

All of these security measures make our bunkers one of the most secure storage facilities in Lincolnshire and the wider area.

The bunkers at Skydock are ideal for a range of belongings, including:

  • Valuable documents storage
  • Fine jewellery storage
  • Storage of luxury cars and vehicles
  • Ammunition storage
  • Firearms and weapon storage

The storage bunkers also benefit from easy ground level access, and are weather proof and temperature controlled to ensure that your belongings are kept in perfect condition.