Pyrotechnics Research & Development

We research, develop and manufacture pyrotechnics on site at Skydock. This includes includes devices which are specifically designed for the use by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and Police for training and operational purposes.

We also specialise in leisure pyrotechnics for the Airsoft and Paintball sector.

Our Pyrotechnic products are used in the following industries and sectors:

  • MOD/POLICE/FIRE BRIGADE - Operational and training devices
  • SPECIAL EFFECTS - Theatre, film, TV documentaries and stage pyrotechnics
  • WAR GAMES SIMULATION - Airsoft and Paintball Sector
  • AGRICULTURAL - Pest control

As well as our research, testing and development, we also sell pyrotechnics. These include Thunderflash grenades, Flashbang grenades, location flares, Flash Pot grenades and Thermobaric Multi Bang grenades. Click here to visit our Products page for more information on the pyrotechnics we stock.