Ballistic Test Range Lincolnshire

Friday, 14th February 2014

Skydock is one of the only sites in the UK offering a full range of testing solutions. Skydock's indoor test range covers 250m and caters for up to 40mm canon. It also offers a whole host of other facilities including those for environmental testing, external testing, stress testing and test rig deployment. In addition, it is the ideal location for weapon testing and storage. The range is totally enclosed and equipped with the latest instrumentation for testing and analysis of explosive or explosive related devices and their effects under controlled, all weather conditions.

Other facilities that Skydock can offer include bombproof research and development suites, external testing services, stress testing, drop test facilities, test rig deployment, weapon testing and storage as well as explosive testing, storage and disposal support. There is also a 250m indoor ballistic test range. Get in touch with Skydock today if you’re looking for soundproof and water-tight storage with three-point locks and infrared detection services. If you’re looking for a ballistic test range in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, Faldingworth Airbase, UK, EU or the USA, Skydock can provide this and more.

Also on offer from Skydock is the Flash Doc data management service, which again comes with military-grade standards of confidentiality and security. Head to to find out more.

Perfect for Film Production

It's not unusual for film crews to use Skydock's Lincoln site in order to shoot their projects. Skydock can facilitate production teams who want to shoot explosion scenes or need to use section 5 fire arms. Located at Faldingworth Airbase in the UK, Skydock's clients come from all over the world including from the EU and the USA. To learn more about the company or its facilities visit the website today. You can contact the team by emailing or call 01673 981652.

Below is a video of a BBC documentary fimed on-site at Skydock - Read more about Dan Snow's visit to Skydock for the BBC's WW1 Uncut.

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