Lincolnshire Destructive Testing

Wednesday, 4th December 2013

Skydock is a fully licensed destructive testing site, located on a 1000 acre site at Faldingworth Air Base, Lincolnshire. They possess testing facilities for a wide range of explosive devices, including Section 5 firearms and explosives, for use by film production companies.

The site is licensed to provide explosive testing, storage and disposal and weapon testing and storage. Also on-site are suites used for bombproof research and development, and facilities for environmental testing. If you need external testing, Series 6 packaging tests, stress testing or test rig deployment, Skydock possesses the facilities to carry out these tests at their Lincoln base. Inside the air base, there is a ballistic test range to 40mm cannon. Any products needed for production purposes, or military testing are on sale at the base.

A Secure Testing Site in Lincoln

Skydock stock a range of Centenex products, including specialist ammunition and 37mm, 38mm and 40mm launched grenades. They also have distraction devices and smoke and irritant deployment. The air base also sells, services and maintains EU and USA Helicopters. They carry out Inspections, battery capacity checks, compass swings and main and tail rotor balancing. They also store helicopters and provide a sales and fitting service for parts and accessories. If you are interested in any of the services and facilities offered at the Faldingworth Air Base, visit their website at

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