Secure Storage Lincoln

Sunday, 19th January 2014

At Skydock, we are able to offer a range of unique and secure storage options in Lincolnshire. Based on an old RAF site, security is of paramount importance, so you can always rest assured that your belongings and valuables are in safe hands.

Here's a brief look at some of our storage options.

Bunker storage

Storage facilities come with an array of benefits, and if you need to store highly sensitive items securely then military grade bunkers might be appropriate. There are certain features that you should look for if you are attempting to source premium storage facilities, and 24 hour CCTV is a must.

Some items are so important that they require ‘bomb-proof’ facilities and police alarm links. If it's vital that the items you wish to store don't fall into the wrong hands, you may wish to look for services that provide private and anonymous storage with complete discretion.

Container storage

When you have a large amount of property or valuables that need to be stored safely and securely, container storage might be a good option. These containers are completely weather proof, so your property is safe from the elements.

They are also spacious; at a standard size of 20ft x 6ft 6in x 8ft, they are able to hold, on average, the contents of a standard three bedroom house.

They're not just good for personal storage though – containers can prove to be a valuable investment for businesses who need to keep excess stock safe and secure.

Military grade security

The company Skydock is able to provide military-grade storage facilities through its Bunka-IT service, which offers all of the above benefits and more. It is able to offer the ideal environment for hard copy data and even offers Infra-red Detection facilities to enhance your peace of mind. The facilities are temperature controlled with controlled humidity environment systems.

If you’re looking for secure storage in Lincoln, you‘ll struggle to find tougher security than that offered by the Bunka-IT facility. All units are stored with three-point locks and are sound-proof and water tight. Find out more information at or call 0845 388 9661

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